Protect your Vespa GTS against rust / corrosion with professional cavity preservation.

The biggest advantage of a Vespa - the shapely self-supporting sheet metal body unfortunately brings with it a disadvantage. Susceptibility to rust.

For year-round drivers in particular, salt on the road makes them more susceptible. For all drivers who want to reduce this risk to a minimum, we now offer extensive cavity preservation in all sensitive areas. In order to guarantee to seal all dangerous spots and not to clog the cooler, we dismantle the glove compartment and the running board. The center tunnel is also sealed as best as possible using a probe. Since we use a professional pressure cup gun, the material is atomized more finely than with a conventional disposable can and thus penetrates better into all body joints.

We offer the cavity preservation including material and labor at a flat rate of 239, - €.

For the Vespa GTS HPE we charge a surcharge of 20 € because the license plate holder has to be dismantled.

For the new Vespa GTS HPE RST with keyless locking system, we have to charge a surcharge of €60, as disassembling has become much more complex. The total price is therefore €299

For older vehicles, which already show slight rust marks, we recommend the previous treatment with Fertan rust converter. This chemically dissolves the existing rust and prevents the corrosion from continuing. Due to the high creeping ability of the rust converter penetrates finely atomized even in the smallest openings.

Vespa GTS before conservation

Vespa GTS after conservation