Foundation of the Jüchener Zweiradshop's

On October 30.10.1982, 30, more than XNUMX years ago, Hans-Friedhelm Dürselen and Ludger Althoetmar founded the Jüchen bicycle shop with an inauguration ceremony in the town of Jüchen. The focus at that time was on the sale and repair of scooters, mopeds, light motorcycles, scooters, bicycles and lawnmowers. The brands represented at the time were the two-wheeled brands Hercules and Vespa. The brands Hako and Sabo were acquired for the sale of garden tools.

A solid and very loyal customer base has been built up over the years. Many of our customers come from Grevenbroich, Niederkrüchten, Neuss, Wassenberg, Wegberg, Heinsberg, Erkelenz and sometimes even further away.

At that time, ours were also very popular - in cooperation with the Company Bismarck organized bicycle tours.

Bicycle tour

After a short time we also started trading in used motorcycles and scooters. Since this branch of business in particular developed very well, the business was enlarged to the entire hall size of now over 800 square meters.

From June 1994 we were an authorized Suzuki Scooter dealer. In 1999 we even received an award for selling most of the Burgman large scooters in Germany.


Opening of the Mönchengladbach branch

With the Rhine dredger approaching, we had to fear that a large part of our customers would literally be dredged away. Since places like Priesterath, Garzweiler or Königshoven disappeared from the map and a large part of our customers already come from Mönchengladbach, the decision was made to open a branch in Mönchengladbach.

In 2000 the branch in Mönchengladbach was opened on Benderstrasse. The focus here was on the sale of Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi and Aprilia new vehicles. Simple maintenance work and the change of wear material, such as battery and tire changes, were also carried out. Larger repairs, as requested by customers more and more frequently, did not allow the premises. The exhibition area also turned out to be too small in view of the ever-increasing variety of models of the Piaggio Group.

After a long search for suitable premises, we moved our location in Mönchengladbach to Karstrasse 2002 in Mönchengladbach Holt in July 94. Here we have the necessary exhibition space to adequately present the variety of brands and models of the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi and Aprilia scooters. Service and repair work can also be carried out professionally here.

Division of business in 2017

After more than 30 years, Ludger retired and passed his share on to his son Jan Althoetmar. In the course of the succession, the decision was made to split up on business in friendship, so that since 2018 both locations have been operating independently of each other. Since the name Jüchener Zweiradshop no longer made sense for Mönchengladbach, something new had to be found. Two points were particularly important to me. The name should be short and memorable. In addition, the name should still be available as a free web domain. On a fully written A4 sheet of paper with sometimes absurd ideas, only one name remained, which could be adopted as the .net domain without change. It was the name Motorstop.



In the following years we specialized more and more in our house brands. So, above all, we also offer Restoration of old vinyl scooter Vespas, Bench upholstery, Cavity preservation, Rim modifications and much more in terms of optical tuning. We publish some of our work on ours Instagram channel.

Relocation of the business to the Künkelstrasse 140

Due to the growing customer base, the move to a larger location became necessary. After a renovation period of over 3/4 year, the end is finally in sight.

We will soon be able to present all of our house brand models on around 600 m². The 120 m² workshop now also offers enough space with 5 lifting platforms to be able to increase our capacity.